Legal Raps

Yo yo! Listen up, I’ve got the scoop

When it comes to academic legal writing, you gotta stay in the loop

Make sure your words are tight and neat

So the judge doesn’t skip a beat

Next up, talkin’ ’bout health care proxy form New Jersey

Get that document signed, no need to be wary

Protect your health, make your wishes clear

When the time comes, there’s nothing to fear

Now, let’s switch gears and talk about DBA company address

Make sure it’s all legit, don’t settle for any mess

Keep those legal requirements in check

And you won’t end up in a legal wreck

Moving on to open listing agreements in real estate

Know your rights, don’t leave it to fate

When you’re selling a house, keep it open and free

And you’ll find the perfect buyer, just wait and see

Now let’s take a trip to Bangladesh, talkin’ ’bout BD law

Understand the system, don’t get stuck in a flaw

Know your rights, know the rules

And you’ll never be played for fools

Switch it up, talking ’bout cell phone laws in NC

Keep your calls in check, don’t be a wreck

Know the rules, follow the code

And you won’t end up in a legal mode

Move on over to Japan, talkin’ ’bout the Legal and General Japanese Equity Index Fund

Invest your money, watch it grow

Get those expert insights, don’t be slow

Finally, let’s explore how many rules there are in Judaism

It’s a complex world, don’t be confused

But understand the laws, don’t be bemused

So there you have it, legal raps in style

Now you know the law, go ahead and smile

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